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Design Fantasy Design Fantasy Design Fantasy Design Fantasy Design Fantasy Design Fantasy

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Design Fantasy

Client: Design Fantasy /DF/

Year: 2006

Scope: Brand Strategy, Logo, Corporate Identity, Structural and Collateral design, Web



Design Fantasy is a large Macedonian furniture producer, with experience in custom-made products, present in different markets. But with the growth of the local small furniture production companies, Design Fantasy needed to strengthen and leverage its brand. The company asked us to assist them in re-shaping perceptions of the brand around the very particular business it is actually in: production of premium quality custom-made furniture for homes, but also for companies and contractors.



Zip Zap developed new positioning, identity and communications style, having in mind that the name bears much of the brand communication: “Bringing fantasies to life”. Simple, clear and sharp visual identity was rolled out across all communications, retail, web and HQ interiors.



When DF’s new brand experience was launched, partners applauded and so did customers. The new retail experience rapidly impacted new contractor deals and consumers reacted extremely positively to the changes.